KANSAS CITY — Consumers are clamoring for natural, organic products they can feel good about buying, and food and beverage manufacturers are poised to deliver.

GoMacro’s is introducing organic Thrive bars, which contain ingredients selected to target specific systems in the body: neurological, cardiovascular and digestive. Each organic ingredient combination caters to a different system. The Blueberry Lavender, Curry Apricot, and Ginger Lemon Thrive bars are certified organic, non-bioengineered, kosher, gluten-free and vegan.

 “GoMacro Thrive promotes the idea that nutrition can target individual needs, not with chemicals and supplements, but with simple healthy ingredients,” said Amelia Kirchoff, co-founder of GoMacro.

Adding an organic beverage to the mix, Whole Foods Market and ITO EN (North America) INC. have teamed up to launch an organic matcha tea line called Matcha Love. The teas, brewed with 100% organic matcha and whole green tea leaves, will be available in traditional, ginger and vanilla flavors.

The organic trend has even reached desserts. Clover Stornetta Farms is introducing a new line of organic premium ice cream made from organic Clover milk and cream. Made with organic milk from humane-certified Clover cows living on family-owned dairy farms, the ice cream is available in 12 flavors: Chocolate Nirvana, Straight Up Vanilla, Mint to Be, Hoppy Hour, Cowlifornia Sweet Cream, French Press, Eat Your Milk & Cookies, Strawberry Shindig, Creamy PB&C, Pistachio Perfecto, Petaluma Pothole, and Tempt Me Toffee.  

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