PepsiCo is packing in protein wherever possible.

PepsiCo focused on protein

Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo, Inc. continues to show consumers that it is so much more than a marketer of carbonated soft drinks. Like many beverage manufacturers, PepsiCo is packing in protein wherever possible.

Most recently the company added Naked Nutmilk to its Naked brand of juices and smoothies. The blend of almond milk and fruit juice marks PepsiCo’s first entry into the nut-based protein beverage category. The refrigerated smoothies come in berry and peach flavors with each 15.2-oz bottle providing 11 grams of protein. They join the brand’s soy- and dairy-based protein smoothies.

Over the years PepsiCo’s Gatorade brand has dabbled with protein formulations but has always stayed true to its clear, fruit-flavored format. That’s changed. Gatorade Recover Protein Shake is a creamy beverage loaded with 20 grams of dairy proteins (milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate) in every 11.2-oz bottle.

Even coffee now comes with protein. In March, Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein Beverage debuted in three varieties: coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla bean. Sold in 11-fluid-oz cans, the drinks start with a base of brewed Starbucks coffee to which four dairy ingredients are added (reduced-fat milk, skim milk, milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate). This combination provides 20 grams of protein per can.