Centralized support structure to deliver efficiencies while lowering costs.

ATLANTA — The Honey Baked Ham Company, LLC, announced plans to consolidate its three regional operating divisions in an effort to capitalize on efficiencies and to provide an enhanced customer experience. The company has operations in Georgia, Michigan and Ohio.

The plan calls for creating a single support structure by centralizing management, sourcing and operations for the company nationwide. By centralizing its operations, company leadership hopes to reap benefits such as increased financial capacity, streamlined operations, lower costs and more flexibility in decision making. Franchisees will benefit through centralized marketing and sales. Finally, Honey Baked Ham customers will see improved web and e-commerce platforms in addition to national brand consistency.

“The consolidation is a logical next step in the company’s evolution,” said David Keil, chief executive officer of Honey Baked Ham. “Uniting the internal aspects of our organization allows us to combine the strengths from each division and create an even stronger company and quality experience for our customers.”

Before joining Honey Baked Ham, Mr. Keil was a member of the global leadership team at Ecolab, where he led the integration team for its $8.3 billion merger with Nalco. Mr. Keil also served four years as an independent member of the Honey Baked Ham board of advisors. Maggie DeCan, president and chief operating officer, is a 13-year Honey Baked Ham veteran. She previously served as president and c.o.o. for the jointly owned Honey Baked Ham Franchise Co.

“Serving families during special occasions is core to our business and will not change,” Ms. DeCan said. “By centralizing support for our stores, we’ll be able to do an even better job of serving both our customers and our associates who serve our customers.”

Honey Baked Ham will remain a family-owned company. The grandchildren of Honey Baked Ham founder Harry J. Hoenselaar serve on a fiduciary board tasked with setting the direction of the company. Linda van Rees is c.e.o. of the Georgia division, Lou Schmidt is c.e.o. of the Michigan division, and Craig Kurz is c.e.o. of the Ohio division.

The Honey Baked Ham Company has headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga., and serves customers on-line and at more than 400 retail stores in 40 states. Honey Baked Ham, Inc. operates independently in California under a license agreement.