ERLANGER, KY. — Rick Tyrrell has been named vice-president of sales at Perfetti Van Melle USA, the maker of Airheads candies and Mentos mints. A 25-year veteran of the consumer product goods industry, Mr. Tyrrell most recently was vice-president of North America wholesale at Godiva Chocolatier. Previously, he held various vice-president and director roles at Campbell Arnotts, Nestle and Nabsico.

Rick Tyrrell, new v.p. of sales at Perfetti Van Melle USA.

“Rick’s demonstrated leadership as a global sales architect will make him a valuable asset as we continue to grow our North American market position,” said Mehmet Yuksek, president and chief executive officer of Perfetti Van Melle, North America. “Rick’s proven strategic nature will enhance Perfetti Van Melle's passion for product innovation and our consumer-centric culture.  Rick will also further develop our talent's commitment to delivering our products to customers.”

With its North America offices headquartered in Erlanger, Ky., Perfetti Van Melle, Amsterdam, is the third largest manufacturer and distributor of confections and chewing gum.