BAGSVAERD, DENMARK — Novozymes has agreed to acquire a 140,000-square-meter site in Lyngby, Denmark, from Lyngby-Taarbaek Municipality. Novozymes plans to build a new campus there dedicated to research and business development. The company expects inauguration to take place in 2018.

“With the location in Lyngby, in close proximity to the Technical University of Denmark, our ambition is to create a global hub for biotech research,” said Per Falholt, executive vice-president for research and development at Bagsvaerd-based Novozymes. “Our new campus will be important in creating the ultimate conditions for product development while simultaneously offering our employees a great work place.”

Novozymes also plans to establish a learning center for students and visitors. It will include teaching laboratories, a cinema and a cafe.

The first building phase consists of a 30,000-square-meter construction that will have room for 800 workers in research and development and other business areas. Later expansion is possible.

Novozymes has developed more than 100 new products since going public 15 years ago. The products are used globally to enable energy-efficient production, replacement of fossil fuels and more sustainable food production.