A strong performance in the companies gourmet and specialties products business helped drive sales volume up 2.5%.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — A strong performance from the Gourmet & Specialties Products business helped Barry Callebaut to 2.5% sales volume growth in the nine-month period ended May 31. The increase occurred while the overall global confectionery market decreased by 2.1% from September 2014 to May 2015, according to Nielsen data cited by Zurich-based Barry Callebaut.

Barry Callebaut’s sales volume of 1,320,714 tonnes over the nine-month period compared with 1,288,365 tonnes in the same time period of the previous year. Sales revenue jumped 7.6% to 4,644.8 million Swiss francs ($4,899.9 million) from 4,318.7 million Swiss francs.

“As communicated, we expect sales volume to gain more momentum in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year,” said Juergen Steinemann, chief executive officer, when Barry Callebaut gave results July 8. “We will keep on navigating carefully through the challenging cocoa market. Overall, we continue to see ample opportunities for further growth, and all our growth drivers will support our sustained significant outperformance of the global chocolate market.”

Within Gourmet & Specialties Products over the nine-month period, sales volume rose 4.9% to 137,576 tonnes and sales revenue increased 4.8% to 684.9 million Swiss francs ($722.5 million). Cocoa Products recorded gains in sales volume, 0.8% to 361,241 tonnes, and sales revenue, 9.4% to 1,400.2 million Swiss francs. Food Manufacturers Products recorded gains in sales volume, 2.9% to 821,897 tonnes, and sales revenue, 7.3% to 2,559.7 million Swiss francs.

Within Barry Callebaut’s Americas region, sales volume rose 3.7% to 339,912 tonnes. Sales revenue was up 18.8% to 1,107 million Swiss francs behind improved product mix and higher cocoa bean prices. Europe had gains of 2.5% in sales volume and 0.7% in sales revenue. Asia Pacific had gains of 6.7% in sales volume and 9.6% in sales revenue. Global Cocoa was up 0.8% in sales volume and 9.4% in sales revenue.