NEW YORK — A summertime staple is getting more sophisticated. Brands exhibiting at Summer Fancy Food Show, held June 28-30 in New York, introduced frozen ice pops featuring gourmet flavors, functional benefits and alternative formats.

“Lick well, live well” is the motto behind Brewla Bars, a line of ice pops created by New York-based brother-sister team Daniel and Rebecca Dengrove. With 20 to 50 calories per bar, each ice pop is made with a brewed base of tea or root beer that is blended with fruit juices or dairy ingredients, plus a boost of vitamins or electrolytes. The pops are created using a specially designed mold and freezing process that minimizes the size of the ice crystals, resulting in a flavorful bar with a velvety texture. Varieties include cherry pomegranate and red tea, craft brewed root beer float, peach ginger and white tea, tropical fruits and white tea, and strawberry and hibiscus tea.

The juicing trend inspired Eatpops, a line of functional frozen treats with no added coloring or artificial sweeteners. With 100 calories or fewer, the dairy-free pops provide the nutrition of a juice cleanse with a two-year shelf life, according to the East Brunswick, N.J.-based company. Each of the eight varieties offers a benefit. There’s Restore, featuring kale, banana and pineapple; Cleanse, with lemon, cayenne and agave; Glow, which has carrot, mango and pineapple; Activate, with beet, apple and carrot; Green Detox, featuring kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, lemon ginger and cayenne; Super Detox, with acai, noni, gogi and cherry; Hydrate, featuring coconut water; and Nourish, which has banana, peanut butter, vanilla, agave and sea salt.

Sports drinks get the frozen treatment, too, with the introduction of PowerIce, a line of 30-calorie bars with electrolytes. The Steamboat Springs, Colo., company offers four flavors: lime, grape, orange and pomegranate raspberry. The bars may be consumed before, during or after a workout for cooling hydration.

The ice pops from Ruby Rocket’s, New York, contain organic fruits and vegetables with probiotics. The pops contain between 4 to 6 grams of sugar and about 25 to 40 calories each. Varieties include Rock-It Red, featuring strawberries, beets, carrots, bananas and sweet potato; Orbit Orange, with sweet potato, strawberry, bananas, orange and carrots; Galaxy Green, with avocado, kiwi, green apple, bananas and spinach; Gravity Grape, with acai, concord grapes, purple sweet potato, sweet potato and blueberries; Celestial Cherry, featuring yumberry, tomato, beets, acerola cherry and pomegranate; Meteorite Mango, with passion fruit, butternut squash, pineapple, sweet potato and mango; Far Out Fudge, with acai, bananas, beets, sweet potato and cocoa; and Planetary Pink Lemonade, which has strawberry, butternut squash, purple sweet potato, pomegranate and goji berry.

A new line of ice pops were developed for the popular paleo diet. Paleo Pops from Paleo Passion Foods, Greenwich, Conn., are free of gluten, fat, dairy, artificial colors and preservatives. Made with such ingredients as kale powder, sweet potato puree and ginger juice, flavors include apple crisp with flax seeds, blueberry pomegranate with green tea and spinach, chocolate, kale with green tea and spinach, orange mango with chia seeds, pineapple ginger with chia seeds, and strawberry passion with flax seeds. With 60 to 90 calories each, the bars contain no added sugar.

A more indulgent, milk-based offering from Magnolia, a brand of Ramar Foods International, Inc., Pittsburg, Calif., features flavors with Filipino flair, including azuki red bean, coconut, halo halo, mango, Thai tea, and purple yam and red bean. The products are made with tropical fruit purees and pasture-raised rBST-free dairy. The brand also offers a dairy-free calamansi lime-flavored ice pop.

New York-based LifeIce Inc. ditches the stick for a freeze-and-eat bite-size format. Positioned as a portion-controlled treat, the cubes are sold shelf-stable in grocery stores in BPA-free packaging. Varieties include chocolate, berry, citrus, and a green flavor with kale, spirulina, banana and apple. A serving of 24 cubes contains 20 to 35 calories.