The menu at Blue Bottle Coffee contains no specialty drinks or flavors.

CHICAGO — At the epicenter of restaurant industry innovation and growth are fast-casual concepts with unique positioning and a focus on quality ingredients. An example is Blue Bottle Coffee, a boutique coffee cafe that serves only basic espresso drinks — no pumpkin spice lattes here — and doesn’t offer WiFi for customers.

“They really want customers to experience the natural flavors of coffee and not have anything interfere with that,” said Lauren Hallow, associate editor of concept analysis at Technomic, Inc., Chicago. She and Darren Tristano, executive vice-president of Technomic, discussed emerging restaurant concepts during a presentation for restaurant operators attending Technomic’s Restaurants Trends & Directions Conference on June 24 in Chicago.

“If you’re an operator, look at things brands are doing differently and figure out how to bring higher level and quality to the service,” Mr. Tristano said. “Building a culture and supporting your community not only brings up your brand locally, but also improves the way people look at the restaurant industry in general.”

Common themes among the 12 restaurants highlighted in the presentation were sustainability, local sourcing and community involvement.

“It’s really important for operators to establish a place in the community,” Ms. Hallow said. “Customers really want to see you as a neighborhood restaurant and not just a chain.”

"Traditional Greek and Mediterranean cooking in a casual modern setting."

Cava Mezze Grill

The dish: A Mediterranean grill with eight units in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Why it’s poised for growth: Touting “traditional Greek and Mediterranean cooking in a casual modern setting,” Cava prepares customizable salads, rice bowls and pitas with such flavorful toppings as jalepeño-infused feta, harissa and spicy lamb meatballs. The chain sources local ingredients and partners with nonprofits in Washington, D.C.

&Pizza is famous for its gourmet, oval-shaped pies.


The dish: A neighborhood-style pizza shop with 12 units in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Why it’s poised for growth: Specializing in gourmet oval-shaped pies with inventive flavor combinations, &pizza is dedicated to the communities it serves by partnering with local causes and donating pizzas to those in need.

A signature pizza is Moonstruck, topped with mushroom truffle, roasted wild mushroom blend, crumbled goat cheese, fig marsala, red pepper chili oil and cracked black pepper.

Meet the Brisket Burger.

4 Rivers Smokehouse

The dish: A down-home barbecue joint with nine units in Florida.

Why it’s poised for growth: With communal tables and a bakery counter, 4 Rivers specializes in signature brisket and such Southern comfort fare as pulled pork and fried okra. The faith-minded, family-owned business is rooted in ministry and community support.

“Giving back to the community we are seeing as a very strong trend with our hot concepts,” Mr. Tristano said. “We expect strong growth out of this concept.”

Clover has no back-of-house, so consumers can see their food prepared fresh to order.


The dish: A Boston-based fast-casual chain with six units in Massachusetts.

Why it’s poised for growth: Transparency and technology are top themes at this self-described food lab, which has no back-of-house or freezers and uses an iPod app instead of a traditional point-of-sale system. There are also digital menu boards that display approximate wait times.

“When consumers walk in, they can really see everything is prepared fresh to order,” Ms. Hallow said.

Velvet Taco boasts nontraditional taco varieties with house-made tortillas.

Velvet Taco

The dish: A fast-casual taco concept with three units in Texas and Illinois and one coming soon.

Why it’s poised for growth: With late-night hours and a lively atmosphere, this eclectic restaurant specializes in nontraditional taco varieties and house-made tortillas. Another unique feature of the restaurant is the “back door chicken,” which Ms. Hallow described as “a cross between a secret menu and a speakeasy type meal.”

No WiFi here.

Blue Bottle Coffee

The dish: A boutique coffee cafe with more than 18 units in California, New York and Japan.

Why it’s poised for growth: Boasting a chic design and top-of-the-line roasting equipment, Blue Bottle is “driving innovation in the coffee cafe sector,” Ms. Hallow noted. “It’s important to keep an eye on it going forward.”

The chain offers a focused menu of basic espresso drinks with no added flavors like pumpkin spice or hazelnut, and intentionally does not offer WiFi for customers.

JuiceLand specializes in fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed juices.


The dish: A health-focused juice bar with 13 locations in Texas and New York.

Why it’s poised for growth: Fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed juices with a range of nutrient-rich ingredients are only part of the picture. JuiceLand also serves hot drinks and a food menu featuring such items as a quinoa salad and a soba noodle bowl. The chain also offers catering and on-line ordering.

Eureka! is raising the bar on standard pub fare.


The dish: An elevated bar concept with 14 units in California, Texas and the state of Washington.

Why it’s poised for growth: With rustic yet contemporary décor and premium menu items, Eureka! is raising the bar on standard pub fare. The restaurant sources local ingredients and coffee, as well as local entertainment. Menu items include a bone marrow burger and Osso Buco riblets.

“It’s all about quality and craftsmanship,” Mr. Tristano said.

Famous Toastery focuses on a more sophisticated breakfast.

Famous Toastery

The dish: An upscale breakfast and brunch restaurant with six units in North Carolina.

Why it’s poised for growth: Formerly known as Toast Café, this concept has no fryers or freezers and uses organic ingredients and local produce.

“What they’re focused on is an upscale, more sophisticated breakfast,” Mr. Tristano said. “It’s higher-end, polished and more brunch-oriented.”

The restaurant also takes a team-based approach to table service, with the tagline “Where every server is your server.”

Ted’s Bulletin serves all-day breakfast and family-style specials, such as fried chicken or house-roasted prime rib.

Ted’s Bulletin Family Restaurant

The dish: A modern diner with five units in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Why it’s poised for growth: A classic diner with contemporary touches, Ted’s Bulletin serves all-day breakfast and family-style specials, such as fried chicken or house-roasted prime rib. With art deco décor and old-school projectors playing classic cartoons, the restaurant is family-friendly but positioned to the adult crowd, Ms. Hallow said.

HopCat's tagline: "All craft, no crap."


The dish: A trendy bar with five units in Michigan and Indiana.

Why it’s poised for growth: With a tagline of “all craft, no crap,” HopCat offers more than 100 local, regional and global brews on tap and “craveable bar fare” like wonton pizza rolls and craft french fries, Ms. Hallow said.

Sustainability and community involvement also are focuses of the concept.

Punch Bowl Social is perhaps best known for serving glass bowls of spiked punch and other nostalgic drinks.

Punch Bowl Social

The dish: A retro-inspired “gastro-diner” with four locations in Oregon, Colorado, Texas and Michigan.

Why it’s poised for growth: Featuring classic arcade games and elevated diner-style food like buffalo jalapeño meatloaf, this restaurant and bar is perhaps best known for serving glass bowls of spiked punch and other nostalgic drinks.

“Great food, great drinks and solid entertainment all under one roof, so there’s no need to spend money elsewhere,” Ms. Hallow said.