U.S. Cranberry Production

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast 2015 cranberry production at 8,412,700 (100-lb) barrels, or 841.27 million lbs, up slightly from 8,400,000 barrels in 2014.

Higher production from a year ago was forecast in four of the five major states, the U.S.D.A. said in its annual Cranberries report. The exception was New Jersey, the third largest producing state, where production was forecast at 585,000 barrels, down 10% from 2014.

“Many growers in Wisconsin reported damage due to cold winter temperatures,” the U.S.D.A. said. “Even with the cold damage, most growers reported a normal to slightly better-than-normal season so far. In Massachusetts, grower comments were mixed. Some growers were optimistic, some were repairing bogs and others reported problems with insects. Oregon and Washington producers expect 2015 to be a good year due to favorable weather conditions.”

Production in No. 1 Wisconsin was forecast at 5,028,700 barrels, up 6,700 barrels, or less than 1%, from 2014, in No. 2 Massachusetts at 2,114,000 barrels, up 44,000 barrels, or 2%, in Oregon at 504,000 barrels, up 4,000 barrels, or less than 1%, and in Washington at 181,000 barrels, up 25,000 barrels, or 16%.