PepsiCo, Inc. plans to use Sweetmyx S617 in its Mug Root Beer and Manzanita Sol soda.

SAN DIEGO — PepsiCo, Inc. plans to use Sweetmyx S617, a sweetness enhancer from Senomyx, Inc., in its Mug Root Beer and in an apple-flavored beverage called Manzanita Sol, according to San Diego-based Senomyx. It marks the first commercialization of Sweetmyx S617, which is designed to boost the sweet taste of foods and beverages that have reduced levels of fructose, high-fructose corn syrup and/or sugar.

“In August, Senomyx earned a commercial milestone from PepsiCo for the first sale of a concentrate using Sweetmyx S617,” said John Poyhonen, president and chief executive officer of Senomyx, on Aug. 28. “Reformulated concentrates will be used in Manzanita Sol nationally and Mug Root Beer in two U.S. test markets. We are looking forward to receiving feedback on the market acceptance of these lower calorie offerings.”

PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, N.Y., in May 2014 extended a collaborative agreement related to Senomyx’s sweet-taste technology for another two years, or through August of 2016. PepsiCo continues to have exclusive worldwide rights to the Senomyx sweet flavor ingredients developed under the collaboration for use in non-alcoholic beverage categories.