Natural whey protein egg replacers from Arla Foods

The incidence of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the United States has affected manufacturers of all kinds of processed foods. Producers of such prepared products as soups, sauces and mayonnaise all use large amounts of eggs in formulations and face supply and cost issues.

To help with egg replacement, Arla Foods Ingredients, Viby J, Denmark, offers its Nutrilac natural whey protein-based egg replacers that maintain clean labels. The protein egg replacers offer creaminess, improved quality consistency in the final product and an excellent appearance, according to the company. They also may help reduce saturated fat levels with no negative impact on taste or texture.

The egg replacers are made from whey proteins extracted from cows' milk, so they may be considered natural and from a source familiar to consumers. They are easy to use in production with no pre-blending or cooling required. They also offer a longer microbial shelf life than eggs — up to 18 months stored at room temperature. Refrigeration is not required.


Modified starches from GPC

Compared to typical cook-up starches, Muscatine, Iowa-based GPC said its Pure-Gel modified starches hydrate easily and impart high viscosity. In addition, they are designed to provide stable viscosity in the presence of extended heat, acid and shear conditions.

For processed meat applications, the line may provide economic benefits, including increased water-holding capacity, moisture management and improved yields at a reduced hydration temperature. In dairy applications, the starches are used to suspend solids, enhance mouthfeel and provide a stable viscosity under refrigerated conditions.

The products are easily hydrated in high-fat sauce systems and provide steam table stability for gravies and sauces, according to the company. For thermally-processed fruit fillings, the low hot viscosity results in reduced back pressure and better fruit integrity.


Foran Spice Co. changes name to Asenzya

Oak Creek, Wis.-based Foran Spice Co. has changed its name to Asenzya, Inc. in an effort to reposition the company to better meet the needs of its customers and communicate its capabilities. The company has a long-standing presence in the Milwaukee area, and its capabilities extend beyond spices to include customized seasoning blends, flavor solutions, finished product innovation and functional ingredient solutions.

Recently, the company invested in a culinary, research and development, and operations infrastructure. It also hired a corporate executive chef as part of the new direction. The chef will focus on understanding culinary flavor trends and how they may be leveraged to expand each customer's business.

"With our new name and identity, we are better positioned and defined within the marketplace, which will help communicate our expanded capabilities to customers and prospects," said Patty Goto, president and chief executive officer of Asenzya, Inc. "We will continue to sell spices, but our central focus will be on translating our customers' needs and visions into workable solutions, including optimized seasoning blends, functional ingredients and cutting edge concepting for their products."


Milne introduces new beverage industry app

Prosser, Wash.-based Milne has introduced a new app for beverage formulators who work with brix, dilution, raw materials and cost calculations.

"Today's executive needs to be able to access information and calculate the product costs wherever they are — this app will help them be more effective on the road and in the office," said Shannon Elkins, director of sales and marketing at Milne.

The new app also provides dilution rates from concentrated brix to a ready-to-drink beverage and has a database of juice values for a number of fruit and vegetable products based on Food and Drug Administration standard brix values for single strength juices. It also may convert price quotes between per gallon, per pound, per kilogram and metric ton and per pound solid values — all of which may be shared by e-mail or text.

The Milne App is free and available from the Apple App Store. An Android version is scheduled to be available through Google Play by September.


Ingredient matchas from Aiya America

As a producer of matcha green tea, Torrance, Calif.-based Aiya America provides specific blends of matcha, including a category to be used as flavoring agents. The ingredient matcha is blended to be used as a flavoring agent or functional ingredient. The grades are not ideal for making traditional tea. Recommended uses include ready-to-drink beverages, ice creams, confections, health products, nutraceuticals and energy bars, among others.

Matcha is naturally high in amino acids and antioxidants. It is blended to feature a specific balance of two key flavors: mild tea sweetness and tea astringency. Nutrition content, color, flavor profile and aroma vary by grade. Organic grades are also available.


GanedenBC30 is gluten-free

In response to reports that some probiotics may contain gluten, Cleveland-based Ganeden reaffirmed its probiotic GanedenBC30 is gluten-free and may be labeled as such according to standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The testing, performed by Q Laboratories, Inc., Cincinnati, tested each Ganeden probiotic ingredient for the presence of wheat, barley and rye glutens, which are the peptides implicated in digestive disorders.

"As a science-driven company, we were more than happy to have an independent third-party reconfirm to the public and our probiotic food and beverage partners that our ingredients meet F.D.A. standards for being gluten-free," said Andy Lefkowitz, president and chief executive officer of Ganeden.


U.S. Niutang enters the natural sweetener category

U.S. Niutang, Chino, Calif., has announced the launch of bitter-free, NiuVia Stevia. The brand uses MycoTechnology's MycoZyme all-natural, non-G.M.O. and chemical-free process to remove the bitter, metallic aftertaste often associated with the plant-based sweetener, stevia. With the bitterness removed, stevia extracts may be used in concentrations above 300 p.p.m.


Prune products as functional ingredients

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Sunsweet prune products offer quality and innovation to bakeries. The company's cost-effective prune ingredients are easily incorporated into a variety of bakery applications, including bread, sweet goods, cereals, cereal bars, confectionery and snacks.

Key functions and benefits include: pure fruit inclusion; sugar replacement; fat replacement; water binding; humectant; fiber enhancement; agglomeration; coloring and caramel color replacement; and flavor enhancement.

The line of prune products includes diced dried plums, dried plum puree, prune juice concentrate and fresh plum juice concentrate.


Amino acids for reduced sodium products

Amino acids are found in vegetables and meat protein, and play a role in the way food tastes. Namino from Daesang America, Hackensack, N.J., is a mixture of fermented amino acids that may preserve flavor while delivering sodium reduction. The product offers salty flavor without adding salts, according to the company. Additionally, it provides salt reduction of up to 50%.

The balanced umami and kokumi accents provide a complete, well-rounded taste. It features a mild initial umami saltiness and balanced kokumi mid-taste and finish. The product may help cover metallic flavors, aromas and yeasty off-tastes, as well as decrease sourness, astringency and bitterness.