KANSAS CITY — Back to school season is in full swing, and top brands are launching lunchbox-worthy new products.

To provide pupils with fruits and vegetables, Del Monte is introducing new Fruit and Veggie Fusions. The cups feature fruit in lightly sweetened vegetable and fruit juice and offer one combined serving of fruit and vegetables in each cup. Available in Peach Mango, Apple Pear Watermelon and Cherry Fruit Trio, the cups contain no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or sweeteners.

“As parents work to increase the amount of healthy meals and snacks their families enjoy, they are looking for clever solutions,” said Neeta Pramanik, associate product manager for Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks. “Del Monte is already a trusted brand for lunchboxes and after school snacks, so we are excited to offer Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions as an innovative solution that is the perfect sidekick to accompany little superheroes through their busy days. It has the goodness of veg with the yumminess of fruit for a snack that both parents and kids can love."

Offering natural nourishment for school-aged scholars, Foster Farms is introducing All Natural Sliced Turkey lunchmeat. Available in Slow Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and Honey Roasted & Smoked Turkey Breast, the 98% fat-free lunchmeat is made with 100% turkey breast and contains no nitrates, nitrites, chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients or artificial colors.

For students with a sweet tooth, Flowers Foods has released three varieties of Tastykake mini cupcakes that are the perfect size for slipping into a lunch sack. The peanut butter swirly cupcakes are filled with peanut butter crème and topped with peanut butter icing made with Reese’s brand peanut butter. The swirly cupcakes with chocolate cake are made with Hershey’s cocoa topped with chocolate icing and white crème filling. The koffee kake items are crumb-covered, crème-filled coffee cake cupcakes.

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