Chocolate becomes delivery vehicle for calcium, minerals

For decades, Philadelphia-based Delavau has supplied calcium solutions and ingredients. Now, the company is bringing its calcium expertise and Accent fortification technology to chocolate, compound coatings and inclusions for bars, baked goods, snacks and confections.

“Our patented calcium fortification technology creates a chocolate or compound coating that delivers the same amount of calcium as a serving of milk, while maintaining the eating experience of the chocolate,” said Jeff Billig, Delavau vice-president and general manager.

The application opportunities for calcium-fortified chocolate extend across industry segments, including snacks, meal replacement bars and baked goods, especially those seeking to increase fiber or protein in formulations.

“By bringing the calcium out of the base of the bar and incorporating it, instead, in the chocolate, compound coating or inclusion, it creates an opportunity to add even more of the ingredients consumers demand, such as protein or fiber,” Mr. Billig said. “The technology also delivers this result without adding cost, providing formulators and marketers with a lot of flexibility to improve claims in bars and snacks, while maintaining calcium levels in a cost-effective manner.”

In addition to allowing for the incorporation of on-trend ingredients at greater levels, calcium-fortified chocolate may provide a good or excellent source of calcium in dairy-free applications.

Sensient Natural Ingredients introduces Umami Natural

Sensient Natural Ingredients, Turlock, Calif., recently launched Umami Natural, a clean label blend of natural ingredients designed for savory food products. With a focus on clean labels, the company maintains transparency, traceability and quality control throughout the development of its ingredients, from seed development and planting to harvest and packaging. Umami Natural leverages traceability to support growing trends in savory flavors without resorting to the use of artificial ingredients.

Umami Natural is a joint effort between Sensient Natural Ingredients and Sensient Savory Flavors, and is designed to be an alternative for MSG in such applications as sauces, marinades, dressings, seasonings, snack foods, dips, condiments, soups, side dishes and meals. It also meets health trends, boasting high protein, vitamin and fiber content, while also being low-sodium.

Bühler Aeroglide adds food technologist

Cary, N.C.-based Bühler Aeroglide has added a food technologist to support the processing needs of food manufacturing customers. Dvijal Patel joined the company’s process development group as a food technologist, specializing in food science microbiology.

Mr. Patel will work with customers to develop new food products, design efficient thermal processes and maximize existing thermal processes through system evaluations and staff training courses.

Kyowa Hakko Bio creates brand marketing center

New York City-based Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd. has established a Global Brand Marketing Center comprised of members from its headquarters in Japan and regional offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The company’s portfolio of branded ingredients reinforces its vision to contribute to the health and well-being of diverse populations around the world, according to the company. The key branded ingredients include: Cognizin Citicoline; Setria Glutathione, Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine and Pantesin Pantethine.

Corbion Caravan introduces egg white replacer

As prices for eggs and egg products continue to climb, Function Plus 150W, a new solution from Lenexa, Kas.-based Corbion Caravan, allows customers to replace 50% to 100% of egg whites in sweet baked goods.

“With Function Plus 150W, our customers can easily lower their product costs, while still producing delicious baked goods that have the resilience, strength, volume and structure their consumers expect,” said Kathy Sargent, manager, sweet goods at Corbion Caravan.

The product is easy to handle and scale, and may be used to replace both liquid and powdered egg whites, according to the company. The egg white replacer may be added directly to the mixer with other dry ingredients so no special equipment is required.

Function Plus 150W is not designed to be a high whip solution for angel food cakes. In testing, the solution’s formulation of specialized whey proteins, gums, enzymes and emulsifiers proved successful in a variety of sweet baked goods, including cakes and chemically leavened batters.

Sweet Green Fields launches new stevia sweetener

Bellingham, Wash.-based Sweet Green Fields is introducing a stevia product called Intesse. A JECFA compliant non-G.M.O. blend of active steviol glycosides, it offers customers an upfront sweetness profile close to sugar with added health benefits and a reduced bitterness and lingering profile compared with other stevia sweeteners.

“Intesse significantly increases the utility of high purity stevia for liquid concentrates,” said Mel Jackson, vice-president of science, Sweet Green Fields. “The sugar-like taste and peak solubility make Intesse an ideal stevia extract for formulating a flavorful no-sugar-added product without any lingering aftertaste.”

The stevia sweetener offers customers a plant-derived, all-natural, no-calorie and zero-glycemic sweetener. It is heat and pH stable, as well as kosher and Halal certified.

Pocantico Resources expands relationship with Unipektin Ingredients

Pocantico Resources, Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y., has announced the expansion of its relationship with Unipektin Ingredients, AG, Eschenz, Switzerland. Pocantico Resources will represent the Vidoglace line of stabilizing systems. The line is designed for use in a range of ice cream systems, including natural, premium, standard, economy, novelties and soft serve, among others.

The systems may achieve a variety of goals, whether a product requires specific melting properties and flavor release, or needs more creaminess and a high-resistance to heat shock, according to the company.

Ingredient solutions for flavor masking

Nagase, New York, highlights the multi-functionality of Treha trehalose in a variety of applications. Treha trehalose is distributed exclusively by Cargill in North America and Europe for food, beverages and supplements.

“Treha trehalose is a high performance ingredient providing high value in broad applications,” said Sharrann Simmons, senior business manager at Nagase America.

The product is manufactured through a proprietary enzymatic process.

Natural baking soda approved for organic use

Sodium bicarbonate from Tronox Alkali, Green River, Wyo., is a natural and O.M.R.I. Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) product allowed for use in certified organic operations under the U.S.D.A. National Organic Program. The company mines naturally occurring trona ore and processes it to make a ≥ 99% pure sodium bicarbonate. No preservatives, flavorings, colors or vitamins are added to the product.

Tronox Baking Soda is offered in 50-lb bags, bulk bags, truckloads and bulk railcars.