Turkey farm
Ten premises in Dubois county, Ind. had poultry flocks affected by the H7N8 avian influenza strain.

INDIANAPOLIS — Aggressive testing for H7N8 avian influenza continues in the control area and surveillance zone established by Indiana animal health officials. A second round of tests was planned, and testing will continue for several more weeks within the control and surveillance zones, according to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (B.O.A.H.).

The agency said 10 premises in Dubois county had poultry flocks affected by the H7N8 avian influenza strain. Birds were culled at all affected sites, including 257,163 turkeys and 156,000 laying hens that were not infected but located very close to an infected barn that shares vehicular traffic with the original site. The proximity to the infected barn and the risk of cross-contamination put the birds at high risk of contracting the virus, B.O.A.H. explained.

State and federal teams have visited 1,788 residences in a 10-km radius control zone around the original site. Investigators found and began testing 81 backyard flocks. B.O.A.H. said 44 small flock samples tested so far have been negative for the H7N8 virus.

Currently, a total of 516 state, federal and local teams are working in Dubois county on surveillance and response efforts.