‘Goat’ get it

Belly up to goat, potentially the next hot protein to hit plates in the United States.

“Goat has much less fat than most other forms of meat, including chicken, it’s high in protein, 63% of the world already consumes goat, and with the rise in goat’s milk products, we think people may be willing to take the leap at this point,” Ms. Moskow said. “Also, the bone broth craze is really sweeping the nation, and what people are seeking is the collagen in the bone broth, which is said to have magical properties for your joints and your brain and your gut, but goat actually has the highest level of interstitial collagen.”

Goat must be properly prepared to gain popularity with mainstream diners, she noted. The Girl and the Goat in Chicago serves up goat empanadas with miso-blue cheese aioli and a squash-apple slaw, while Tail Up Goat in Washington makes lasagna with goat, kale, anchovy and salsa verde.

“It tastes like fresh lamb but with a different texture, more beefy,” Ms. Moskow said. “It lends well to sour and spicy preparations because it’s a solid meat with a strong flavor.”