Just add protein

Protein remains red hot in food and beverage innovation, popping up in such unexpected new products as bottled water, cold brew coffee and sandwich crackers.

At least two brands featured protein-infused water at the NACS Show. Protein2o was developed as a lower-calorie alternative to traditional protein shakes and contains 15 grams of whey protein isolate. Trimino Protein Infused Water has 7 grams of whey protein isolate and B vitamins, featuring such flavors as peach, strawberry lemonade and coconut pineapple.

A new offering from the 5-Hour Energy brand of Living Essentials, L.L.C. is a line of Protein Shots, with 21 grams of whey isolate and vegetable protein and 100 calories per 6-oz shot. Flavors include berry, peach mango and grape.

Snyder’s-Lance is launching Lance Power Break granola sandwich crackers in chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter flavors with 10 grams of added protein.

High Brew Coffee has added a creamy cappuccino with protein variant to its lineup of canned cold brew beverages. The product, which has 12 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, is slated to hit shelves in March.

New from Nestle are Nesquik Protein Plus protein-enhanced milk beverages with 23 grams of protein per bottle in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Though the Nesquik brand is typically marketed to children, the Protein Plus products target “adults young at heart,” Nestle said.