OTTAWA — Production of all wheat in Canada was estimated at 27,205,200 tonnes, up 2% from the prior forecast and up about 8% from 25,288,000 tonnes in 2011, Statistics Canada said today in its 2012 final Production of Principal Field Crops report. Estimated 2012 output of barley, corn and soybeans also was up from 2011 while canola and oats were down.

Based on data collected from Oct. 26 to Nov. 14, Statistics Canada said estimated corn and soybean production were record high in 2012 as favorable conditions in eastern regions during harvest contributed to higher yields, while adverse weather in western areas reduced canola yields. Wheat production rose largely as the result of increased harvested area in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Production spring wheat was estimated at 18,845,400 tonnes, up about 5% from 18,018,600 tonnes in 2011, durum at 4,626,600 tonnes, up 11% from 4,172,100 tonnes last year, and winter wheat at 3,733,200 tonnes, up 21% from 3,097,300 tonnes a year ago.

Statistics Canada estimated 2012 canola production at 13,309,500 tonnes, down 9% from a record 14,608,100 tonnes in 2011.

Oats production was estimated at 2,683,900 tonnes, down 15% from 3,157,600 tonnes in 2011.

The 2012 barley crop was estimated at 8,012,300 tonnes, up about 2% from 7,891,500 tonnes a year ago.

Corn production was forecast at a record 13,060,100 tonnes, up 15% from 11,358,700 tonnes in 2011.
Soybean outturn also was estimated record high at 4,929,600 tonnes, and also up 15% from 4,297,700 tonnes last year.