Angelic Bakehouse products
Angelic Bakehouse is a Cudahy, Wis.-based maker of sprouted baked foods.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — T. Marzetti Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lancaster Colony Corp., has reached agreement to acquire Angelic Bakehouse, Inc., a Cudahy, Wis.-based maker of sprouted baked foods. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

David Ciesinski, Lancaster Colony
Dave Ciesinski, president and c.o.o. of Lancaster Colony

“We are thrilled to add Angelic Bakehouse and their terrific lineup of non-G.M.O. bakery products to our growing specialty foods business,” said Dave Ciesinski, president and chief operating officer of Lancaster Colony. “Angelic Bakehouse is a highly relevant, on-trend business that produces a variety of great tasting, nutritious, non-G.M.O. bakery items featuring their proprietary sprouted mash ingredient crafted from an assortment of unique sprouted grains. As a regional retail brand in the Midwestern U.S., Angelic Bakehouse has placement in the growing specialty deli/bakery section of the grocery store.

“Beyond growth through geographic and channel expansion, we are also excited about the opportunities that the Angelic Bakehouse sprouted mash base provides for product innovation, a recent example being the introduction of Angelic Bakehouse bread crisps in three different varieties.”

Angelic Bakehouse bread crisps
Recently, Angelic Bakehouse introduces bread crisps in three varieties.

James and Jenny Marino, the husband-and-wife owners who acquired Angelic Bakehouse in 2009 and built it into a fast-growth regional business, will remain in their current roles with the company and continue to manage and oversee the day-to-day operations.

“This agreement gives us a chance to ‘sprout our wings’ and continue on our journey to provide our customers with delicious and better nutrition options without compromise,” said Ms. Marino, president and chief executive officer of Angelic. “Lancaster Colony shares our unwavering commitment to consumers who are looking for a healthy option, but are unwilling to sacrifice the taste and texture of real bread. With Angelic, they don’t have to.”

Angelic Bakehouse founders
James and Jenny Marino are the husband-and-wife owners who acquired Angelic Bakehouse in 2009.

Ms. Marino said Angelic Bakehouse will continue to produce the same products, but as part of the Lancaster portfolio the company will be able to accelerate its commitment to new and innovative sprouted grain products that feature the company’s proprietary sprouted mash ingredient. The company’s product line includes sliced bread, dinner rolls, pizza crusts and wraps, and in September the company launched its first snack and deli line of sprouted bread crisps.

In addition, she said Angelic Bakehouse will look to increase its national product distribution and make its baked foods available to a much larger national audience. In October, Angelic Bakehouse announced it would be offering its products in more than 100 SuperTarget stores across the United States.

“Lancaster Colony shares our steadfast commitment to delicious foods, superior customer service and consumer value, and that’s what makes them such a good match for Angelic Bakehouse,” she said. “They respect the entrepreneurial nature of our business and the uncompromising passion that Angelic Bakehouse has for pure ingredients and pure bread perfection.”

Angelic Bakehouse at SuperTarget
 In October, Angelic Bakehouse announced it would be offering its products in more than 100 SuperTarget stores across the United States.

Ms. Marino said the transaction will allow Angelic Bakehouse to “keep doing what we have been doing without compromises.”

“The leadership at Lancaster Colony can help take our bakery to the next level and provide the resources and expertise that we simply did not have,” she said. “The seven-year journey we have made with our fans and supporters has been incredible, and we look forward to continued growth, making the same pure bread perfection and holding firm to our belief that using sprouted mash whole grains is the road to continued consumer satisfaction and success at meal time for millions of families throughout the nation.”

The transaction is expected to close later this month, funded internally with cash on hand. Angelic Bakehouse has annual sales of approximately $12 million.