Symrise tropical flavors
Symrise offers an array of tropical flavors inspired by Hispanic tropical fruits.

TETERBORO, N.J. — Tropical flavors are being used more extensively in such sweet products as ice creams and desserts, according to the flavor company Symrise. Flavors in the company’s line include tangerine, mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, tamarind, guanabana, watermelon and others.

Emmanuel Laroche, Symrise
Emmanuel Laroche, vice-president of marketing and consumer insights group and global marketing leader for Symrise

“Symrise has carefully replicated these fruits in flavors, finding them well suited to a broad range of ice creams, puddings, desserts and confectionery products,” said Emmanuel Laroche, vice-president of the company’s marketing and consumer insights group and global marketing leader. “Our tropical flavors, inspired by Hispanic tropical fruits, are giving pleasure to consumers in every ethnic group. The diverse Latin-type tropical fruit flavors can be found in a host of new and novel specialty applications such as push pops.”

Since 2009, Symrise has been researching how the Hispanic community in the United States is influencing the food and beverage choices of mainstream consumers. The research showed tropical fruits to be popular across a variety of product applications, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, desserts, confectioneries, baked goods, side dishes, and sweet and sour sauces.