Symrise vanilla web site
Symrise's new site is dedicated to its vanilla expertise and capabilities.

TETERBORO, N.J. — Symrise, a global manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, has launched a new web site dedicated to its vanilla expertise and capabilities.

The site,, describes Symrise’s extensive research and understanding of what global consumers want in products that feature vanilla as a defining ingredient, the company said.

“Because vanilla is one of Symrise’s core capabilities, there’s every reason why it should have a dedicated web site,” said Emmanuel Laroche, vice-president of the marketing and consumer insights group and global marketing leader for Symrise. “We believe that the website can serve as a vital vanilla information resource because of its great content. Viewers of our web site will learn about our role as pioneers and our ongoing creativity with breakthrough vanilla offerings. It demonstrates how we continue to live up to our reputation as an innovative, leading, worldwide supplier of this incomparable ingredient.”

Additionally, the web site explores where vanilla comes from, how Symrise sustainably sources it and how the process benefits farmers in Madagascar.

 “These farmers, in conjunction with R.&D., flavorists, production, marketing and sales are part of an entire vanilla team in a sustainable supply chain from Madagascar through final production,” Mr. Laroche said. “The team is committed to continually improve every aspect of vanilla development.”

Symrise’s new web site also features short videos that introduce and showcase the Symrise employees who work with vanilla and how they innovate with the ingredient.

“Our vanilla site explores and describes our unique sustainable sourcing model in Madagascar, as well as introducing the people who hold the keys to unlocking vanilla’s magic and creating delicious tasting solutions for our customers,” said Reinhard Muehe, project leader in the creation of the site. “Our new web site hopefully contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about natural vanilla and Symrise. We invite everyone to dive into the three pillars of our vanilla site: ‘a sustainable source’, ‘creativity & innovation’ and ‘a global favorite.’”