PLANO, TEXAS – Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in January will introduce 10-calorie versions of five of its soft drink brands. 7UP Ten, A&W Ten root beer, Sunkist Ten orange soda, Canada Dry Ten ginger ale and RC Ten cola will be available at select retailers across the country. National distribution should follow, and an advertising campaign is scheduled to begin in March.

Dr. Pepper Snapple introduced Dr Pepper Ten in October 2011. While it was aimed at male consumers, the five new soft drinks are targeted for consumers aged 25 to 39.

Dr Pepper Snapple tested the five new soft drinks in several markets in 2012. They have a blend of caloric and non-caloric sweeteners and have 10 calories per 12-oz serving. Dr Pepper Ten’s ingredient list includes the sweeteners high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). Dr Pepper Snapple categorizes the 10-calorie beverages as low-calorie soft drinks that are neither traditional diet soft drinks nor mid-calorie soft drinks.

“We truly believe we’ve hit the sweet spot with our Ten products, providing both a fully satisfying flavor and low calories,” said Jim Trebilcock, vice-president of marketing for Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple. “This new platform gives shoppers a great tasting experience and a reason to visit the soda aisle and enjoy the brands they love more often.”