Cote De 'Or chocolate with Cocoa Life logo, Mondelez
As part of the program, brands such as Côte d’Or and Marabou are now displaying the Cocoa Life logo.

DEERFIELD, ILL. — Cocoa Life, a sustainability program launched by Mondelez International in 2012, has reached 76,700 farmers in more than 795 communities across the company’s six cocoa-growing origins: Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. The company also has sourced 21% of cocoa sustainably by the end of 2015, according to Mondelez’s first progress report, issued Feb. 23.

Cesar Melo, Mondelez
César Melo, president of global chocolate at Mondelez

“Cocoa Life is a long-term $400 million commitment to sustainability that strengthens our chocolate business and deepens our connection with our cocoa origins,” César Melo, president of global chocolate at Mondelez International, wrote in the report.

As part of the program, brands such as Côte d’Or and Marabou are now displaying the Cocoa Life logo. Longer term, Mondelez has set a goal to reach 200,000 farmers and about 1 million people in cocoa communities by 2022.

“I’m proud of our Cocoa Life program and the transformative impact we are having on our cocoa supply chain and the communities we source cocoa from, as shown in this report,” Mr. Melo said. “Cocoa Life connects the beginning and end of the cocoa supply chain so farmers can see how their cocoa crop contributes to the chocolate we enjoy. As Cocoa Life grows and expands its reach, we will continue to be transparent about our measures for success and key learnings, and share the progress we are making against our goals.”

The report provides measurement data from Cocoa Life’s first impact evaluation in Ghana, where Cocoa Life began as the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership. Initial results show Cocoa Life farmers’ incomes tripled since 2009, which is 49% more than control communities measured. Likewise, cocoa yield increased 37% more than the control communities, Mondelez said. The report also includes data from a needs assessment of the five regions where Cocoa Life is in place in Côte d’Ivoire and an Indonesia baseline assessment, which identifies key areas that will be targeted and measured for improvement.

Cathy Pieters, Cocoa Life
Cathy Pieters, program director for Cocoa Life

“This progress report brings together the voices of people in cocoa communities across all our origins and demonstrates how the program is working together with local governments, our suppliers and partners to build lasting change on the ground,” said Cathy Pieters, program director for Cocoa Life. “Cocoa Life integrates the work of our stakeholders to achieve common goals in ways that are relevant and tailored to Cocoa Life farming communities around the world.”

Cocoa Life is a part of Mondelez International’s Call For Well-being, a call to action focused on four areas that are critical to the well-being of the world and where the company can make the greatest impact: Sustainability, well-being, communities and safety.

For the full progress report,click here.