KANSAS CITY — Mainstream brands are expanding with products suited for special diets. New plant-based offerings from Kashi, a business unit of Kellogg Co., contain no soy or gluten and feature ancient grains, nuts, seeds and pulses.

“At Kashi, we take pride in curating plant-based ingredients like pulses, seeds and grains in a way that no one else can to create amazing food experiences that enable uplifting health,” said David Denholm, chief executive officer of Kashi. “We thoughtfully crafted the new GoLean recipes to nourish and fuel active lifestyles, without relying on gluten or soy, to meet people’s nutrition needs. We’re excited to say gluten-free has never tasted so good and been so good for you.”

Ben & Jerry’s, a subsidiary of Unilever, recently unveiled a line of non-dairy, certified vegan frozen dessert made with almond milk. Kirsten Schimoler, food scientist for Ben & Jerry’s, said, “We wanted to bring the same fun with all of the creamy, funky and chunky swirls plus the Ben & Jerry’s flavor excitement to our non-dairy fans, and we nailed it.”

Vegans may also opt for a new offering from Unilever’s Hellmann’s brand — an eggless alternative to mayonnaise. The plant-based sandwich spread is debuting alongside three organic mayonnaise varieties.

 “Our fans have been asking us for organic and eggless options with the creamy taste of Hellmann’s for years,” said Russel Lilly, marketing director at Hellmann’s. “We listened and responded by giving them choices that are priced competitively and available nationwide.”

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