Schwan Food Co. pizzas - Freschetta, bon apeptit, cage-free eggs
Schwan's pizza brands are some of many Schwan products switching to cage-free egg supplies by 2020.

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. — The Schwan Food Co. plans to transition to cage-free egg supplies by 2020. The company said its plans are subject to the availability of certified cage-free eggs.

The transition will include all foods containing eggs and sold by a subsidiary of Schwan’s, including Schwan’s home Service Inc., Schwan’s Consumer Brands Inc. and Schwan’s Food Service Inc. Schwan said the company made the decision to transition to sourcing cage-free eggs after consulting with animal welfare experts and its suppliers about future supply of cage-free eggs.

Dimitrios Smyrnios, Schwan Foods Co.
Dimitrios Smyrnios, c.e.o. of Schwan

“We are excited to have developed a clear path toward making our cage-free transition,” said Dimitrios Smyrnios, chief executive officer of Schwan. “As a frozen-food leader, we are committed to reviewing and working with our supply chain to ensure completion of this work as a part of our overall corporate responsibility commitment.”

Schwan Food is a privately held company that manufactures and markets foods through home-delivery, retail-grocery and food service channels. Its brands include Red Baron, Tony’s, Freschetta pizza and Schwan’s frozen foods, among others.