Activ International introduces high impact grill flavors

Activ International, a Switzerland-based food ingredient company, is introducing a range of grill flavors.

Providing a clear label and clean flavor profile, the flavors are low temperature, slow cooking and available in liquid or powder. The range includes “Natural Flavor” Slow Cooked BBQ (New Chef’s Grill, organic available) or “Natural Flavor, Natural Smoke” Slow Cooked Southern BBQ (New Hickory Grill and New Mesquite Grill). Many of Activ’s grill flavors are organic, kosher and halal, and free of bioengineered ingredients and partially hydrogenated oils.

“Our flavors are the closest thing to a whole food in the flavor industry because we start with the highest levels of the characterizing raw materials such as meat, vegetables and seafood,” said Peter Gollmer, vice-president for North America and general manager. “Clean flavors and clear labels are what the consumers demand, and we’ve been in the business for decades delivering just that.”

Batory Foods now authorized distributor of Corbion products

Batory Foods, Des Plaines, Ill., has been named an authorized distributor for Corbion’s Purac product line, which includes lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides. The products, made in the United States, offer a range of functions, such as preservation, flavor enhancement, pH regulation and mineral fortification.

The development allows Corbion to focus on its core business while Batory employs its multiple U.S. warehouses to manage the needs of customers with demands for smaller shipments.

Customers who already source from Batory may now add Corbion to their existing orders, eliminating the need for paperwork and the time-consuming process of working with various distributors.

“This is a win for Batory, Corbion and, most important, our customers,” said Ken Krasowski, senior product manager for Batory Foods. “Corbion benefits from the efficiencies we offer. For customers, we can quickly deliver anywhere across the U.S. So we’re taking lead times down from two to three weeks to just a few days.”

PGP provides protein-packed soy crisps

PGP International, Inc., an ABF Ingredients business unit based in Woodland, Calif., is offering a 90% soy protein crisp that delivers 6.25 grams of soy protein per serving. The crisp is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol and may be used in granola, cereals, protein bars, snacks, energy bars, weight management and low cholesterol products.

“Our finished protein product formulas make it an easy-to-use ingredient for manufacturers that need protein rich, high quality ingredients,” said Peter Hassing, vice-president of Business Unit Extrusion at PGP. “Innovation and service is at the core of everything we do at PGP and our partnership approach helps customers meet their production goals quickly and effectively.”

New pea protein ingredient comes with bitter-blocker

P-Pro Plus, a new pea protein ingredient, includes ClearTaste, a bitter-blocker designed to deal with taste issues that manufacturers of foods and beverages may face when working with pea protein alone. A partnership between GLG Life Tech Corp., Vancouver, B.C., and MycoTechnology Corp., Aurora, Colo., developed P-Pro Plus.

“Plant-based proteins have proven to be a large and growing market,” said Brian Meadows, president and chief financial officer for GLG Life Tech. “Our joint product development focus is to bring better tasting and better-for-you natural ingredients to the marketplace, and we expect to bring many additional better tasting natural products to the market in the coming months.”

GLG Life Tech offers sweeteners extracted from stevia plants and monk fruit. MycoTechnology develops technology based on mushrooms. The company’s ClearTaste is certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

P-Pro Plus is available in both conventional and organic varieties and in various mesh sizes and protein purity levels.