K&W Popcorn organic popcorn
K&W Popcorn is a Trenton, Mo.-based provider of organic popcorn.

CHAPMAN, NEB. — Preferred Popcorn, L.L.C. has acquired K&W Popcorn, a Trenton, Mo.-based provider of organic popcorn. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Preferred Popcorn’s position as one of the largest popcorn providers in the world and expand its ability to meet increasing demand for organic, non-bioengineered and allergen-free snacks. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Norm Krug, founder and chief executive officer of Preferred Popcorn, said the acquisition was significant both strategically and personally. He’s known Bill Kennebeck, founder of K&W Popcorn, for more than 30 years.

Norm Krug, Preferred Popcorn
Norm Krug, founder and c.e.o. of Preferred Popcorn

“It’s a very exciting opportunity,” Mr. Krug said. “We are seeing an increase in demand for organic products in both domestic and international markets. Acquiring a certified organic popcorn facility allows Preferred Popcorn to immediately supply our customers with a healthy, organic, U.S. grown product without waiting the requisite three years to transition from conventional farms to organic farms.”

K&W Popcorn is Preferred Popcorn’s third acquisition and its only organic production site. The company acquired Widman Popcorn in 1998 and Preston Farms in 2010.

Mr. Kennebeck’s son, John, will continue to lead operations at the Trenton processing facility.

Preferred Popcorn microwaveable popcorn
Preferred Popcorn grows and processes premium popcorn.

“We are happy to join the Preferred Popcorn family,” John Kennebeck said. “My father started K&W Popcorn with the vision of operating a family-owned and -operated business while producing premium quality popcorn. His experience in the popcorn industry is paramount, dating back to 1977. We love the thought of continuing that legacy with Preferred.”

Preferred Popcorn was founded in 1997 and currently grows and processes premium popcorn for customers across the United States and in more than 65 countries around the world.