KANSAS CITY — In new snacks, ice cream and confectionery products, s’mores is on fire. The classic campfire treat is trending in recent product innovation from General Mills, Inc., Campbell Soup Co., Mars, Inc. and more.

“I believe there are several drivers behind the s’mores resurgence, not the least of which is its unique flavor profile that’s deliciously appealing across age groups,” said Alan Owen, marketing director, sweet flavors, at Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. “It also translates so well into a number of different applications such as frozen dairy, yogurt, sweet bakery and even fluid milk.”

Recent snack introductions featuring a s’mores flavor include Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, Angie’s Boomchickapop kettle corn and Fiber One soft-baked bars. Among new cookie varieties capturing the summertime staple are Chips Ahoy! and Pepperidge Farm. In the candy aisle, there’s a s’mores variant of Crispy M&M’s chocolate candies and Project 7 s’mores gum. S’mores is showing up in new ice cream products, too; Unilever’s Klondike brand and Hood recently have rolled out frozen novelties featuring the flavor.

S’mores is a versatile flavor profile that may be formulated in a number of ways, Mr. Owen said.

“There are subtle ways to add a twist without compromising the integrity of the core flavor and align with existing trends,” Mr. Owen said. “The inclusion of a smoky or charred coconut would be very complementary to the concept and would be ideal for stirring those smoky campfire memories.”

S’mores’ nostalgia factor was not lost on Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., which late last year reintroduced its popular Kellogg’s Smorz cereal. The product, which features crunchy graham-flavored cereal with a chocolatey coating and miniature marshmallows, was discontinued at the end of 2013 after 10 years on the market. The company said it brought back the cereal after consumers clamored on-line for its return.

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