Lycored colors in confectionery, Prinova
Lycored's Tomat-O-Red features tomato-derived lycopene while Lyc-O-Beta is rich in beta-carotene.

CAROL STREAM, ILL. — Prinova will be the exclusive distributor of lycopene-based and beta-carotene-based colors from Lycored in the United States and Canada through a partnership between the two companies.

Lycored, which has a U.S. office in Orange, N.J., offers Tomat-O-Red and Lyc-O-Beta red, orange and yellow colorings. Tomat-O-Red is created from tomato-derived lycopene. Lyc-O-Beta is sourced from Blakeslea trispora, a beta-carotene-rich, allergen-free fungus cultivated by Lycored.

“The clean label trend continues to drive formulation in our industry,” said Larry Davis, commercial director, food and beverage, for Carol Stream-based Prinova. “Customers are removing synthetic and carmine-based colors from their labels, and we needed to find a naturally sourced, vertically integrated, trusted supplier partner that could meet this customer demand. We are excited that this new partnership with Lycored will allow us to provide high performing lycopene- and beta-carotene-based natural colors to the marketplace.”