NEW YORK — Regional production of foods and an emphasis on childhood nutrition will be trends to watch in 2013, according to Nestle.

Nestle issued a list of top 2013 trends, and topping the list was a trend the company calls “Make it where you sell it,” which emphasizes food companies will invest more money in regional production of frozen and prepared foods to ensure freshness and convenience for customers.

The company, a top producer of bottled water, also said it sees bottled water in position to take more market share from carbonated soft drinks.

Other trends Nestle identified include an emphasis on better health and nutrition for children and new twists on childhood favorite comfort foods that are deconstructed, modernized and include specialty ingredients. Connecting to the ethnicity of consumers and consumption of vegetables also will be important.

“It’s clear to us consumers are much more health conscious today than ever before,” said Paul Grimwood, chairman and chief executive officer of Nestle USA. “At the same time, that doesn’t mean people have to sacrifice taste or pleasure.”