Pre-dust systems from AFS improve adhesion, moisture control, texture

Advanced Food Systems, Inc. (AFS), based in Somerset, N.J., is offering pre-dust systems for batter and breaded food products. Each AFS pre-dust system — available for chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and more — is designed based on the natural characteristics of the substrate as well as the cooking process and reconstitution method. The pre-dusts help prevent moisture from migrating into the coatings and also may be used to incorporate flavor into finished products.

DuPont defines six health and wellness consumer segments in new research

DuPont Nutrition & Health, St. Louis, has identified six health and wellness consumer groups: health helpers, weight strugglers, health wise, taste driven, good life and just food.

To define the segments, DuPont partnered with HealthFocus International and collected data from more than 14,000 consumers in 22 countries. The research includes information on health concerns, brand influences, attitudes and usage, lifestyle choices and parenting style, which may help food manufacturers identify market opportunities by determining the motivations, needs and behaviors of consumer groups.

“Eighty three per cent of global consumers consider diet and nutrition important to wellbeing, which is greater than wealth or physical fitness,” said Greg Paul, Ph.D., global marketing director of consumer segments at DuPont. “We have become increasingly proactive about our health, yet well-defined and decidedly varied segments still exist. Consumers portray diverse behavior depending on their place in the spectrum of health and wellness. The importance of learning the demands of each segment is critical to understanding what motivates food purchase behavior.”

Palsgaard launches line of clean label emulsifiers for bakers

Denmark-based Palsgaard is launching three new clean label emulsifiers for cake mixes and industrial cakes, aiding bakers in their transition away from trans fats. The vegetable-based emulsifiers — which are free of allergens, trans fats and sugars — stabilize liquid oil in aerated and non-aerated cakes.

Palsgaard SA 6610 is a whipping agent for industrial cake manufacturers.

Emulpals 115 is an instantly reacting emulsifier for cake batter systems that shows aeration after two minutes of whipping. It is highly tolerant to a variety of ingredients and make-up methods.

Emulpals 116 is a cake emulsifier that works at a lower dosage than traditional emulsifiers with a whipping time of four minutes. The emulsifier reacts instantly when liquid is added to the mix, and no activation steps are required.

Naturex offers shelf life boost for meat products

Naturex, headquartered in Avignon, France, is offering a clean label solution for extending meat product shelf life. The company’s new Xtrablend OA, composed of a blend of acerola standardized in ascorbic acid and onion standardized in polyphenols, increases color stability by preventing color degradation in chilled products without impacting taste. The solution is also an antioxidant, which aids in maintaining meat products’ appealing color and a low oxidation rate.

To meet consumer demand for transparency and recognizable ingredients, Xtrablend OA may be labeled as “acerola powder and onion extract,” allowing manufacturers to use the “no additives” claim.

“As calls for transparency are growing louder, this friendly labeling and natural positioning is a critical point of differentiation from the competition,” said Catherine Bayard, category manager at Naturex. “Xtrablend OA is a very effective tool to help food manufacturers meet consumer expectations for convenient and healthy products.”

Welch’s adds Niagara grapes to line

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, Concord, Mass., is introducing its Niagara grape juice for use in juice blends and as part of its FruitWorx range of fruit inclusions for baked foods, nutrition bars, confectionery items, snacks and breakfast cereal.

Niagara grape juice works well in blends because its flavor is not as overwhelming as the Concord grape juice flavor, said Wayne D. Lutkowski, vice-president, international and global ingredients for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group.

Niagara grape juice has no added sugar, colors or flavors. An 8-oz glass of Niagara grape juice provides two servings of fruit.

Ametek announces two acquisitions

Ametek, Inc., Berwyn, Pa., has acquired Brookfield Engineering Laboratories for approximately $167 million and ESP/SurgeX for approximately $130 million.

Brookfield offers a range of viscometers and rheometers and instruments to analyze texture and powder flow. Primarily, Brookfield’s products are used for quality control applications in the manufacture of products in several markets, including food and beverage. Headquartered in Middleboro, Mass., Brookfield posts annual sales of about $55 million and will join Ametek as a unit of its Instrumentation and Specialty Controls division. As part of the acquisition, Brookfield officially has changed its name to Brookfield Ametek.

ESP/SurgeX provides power protection, monitoring and diagnostic solutions. Its patented technology is used in vending industries. The Knightdale, N.C.-based company joins Ametek as part of its Power Systems and Instruments Division.

TetraPak introduces Tetra Top package with bio-based plastic

Tetra Pak, Denton, Texas, is unveiling a new version of its Tetra Top package, made from more than 80% plant-based materials. The package will debut in the United States with JUST water, a brand focused on offering everyday products with less of an impact on the environment.

The new package features a cap and top made from high-density polyethylene derived from sugarcane, and the main sleeve of the carton consists of FSC certified paperboard. The elements push the Tetra Top package’s renewable content to 82% from 53%, with no impact on its recyclability.

“Packages made from renewable materials are not only good for the environment, but also offer our customers a competitive advantage,” said Charles Brand, executive vice-president of product management and commercial operations at Tetra Pak. “Consumers choose JUST water because they appreciate its brand values, and want this to be reflected in the whole user experience. We are pleased to have come up with a package that is aligned with this focus without compromising convenience and functionality.”

Taiyo Sunfiber now Non-GMO Project verified

Taiyo International’s Sunfiber has received Non-GMO Project verification. The Minneapolis-based company’s product is a galactomannan-based fiber that is also gluten-free, vegetarian, and certified organic, kosher and halal.

Sunfiber is a soluble, transparent and tasteless dietary fiber with strong prebiotic characteristics that aids in reducing occasional constipation and diarrhea. The fiber also provides a satiety effect by slowing gastric transit time.

“We are proud to achieve Non-GMO Project verification, which validates Sunfiber’s quality and the integrity of our supply chain,” said Scott Smith, vice-president of Taiyo International. “This confirms that Sunfiber is produced in compliance with rigorous best practices for G.M.O. avoidance, including segregation and traceability to prevent contamination. We chose to get Sunfiber Non-GMO Project verified because we respect people’s right to know what is in their food and dietary supplements. We believe this verification offers the highest transparency about G.M.O.s.”