Cargill protein facility in Wichita, Kansas
While Cargill Protein Group will remain in Wichita, its headquarters will relocate to a new office building.

WICHITA, KAS. — Cargill Protein Group, a producer of meat, poultry and egg products, in addition to byproducts, from food animal production in the United States and Canada, will keep its headquarters in Wichita, the company announced May 24. Cargill Protein Group is a more than a $20 billion revenue portion of Minneapolis-based Cargill, and employs approximately 27,000 people and operates approximately 30 processing facilities that produce protein products to meet retail, foodservice and food processor customer specifications, and consumer needs.

While Cargill Protein Group will remain in Wichita, its headquarters will relocate from 151 North Main St. to a new office building that will be built at a yet-to-be-determined site within the city limits. Cargill said it made the decision to stay in Wichita after a thorough analysis of numerous options, including several cities in states other than Kansas.

The decision is dependent upon pending approval by the city of Wichita for an agreement between the two entities. The company’s move to a new office building is expected to take place by the end of 2018.

Brian Sikes, Cargill protein
Brian Sikes, corporate vice-president for Cargill Protein Group

“Looking at our current office space situation in Wichita, we determined a change is required to meet our future needs as a customer-focused, talent-seeking, growth-oriented protein business, operating in a highly competitive business sector,” said Brian Sikes, corporate vice-president for Cargill Protein Group. “So we embarked on a mission to identify the optimal location where the people responsible for success of our business will have the best opportunity to thrive. After an exhaustive review of our options, a collaborative atmosphere evolved whereby Cargill, the city of Wichita and state of Kansas worked together toward creating the type of business environment that will enable the company to meet its customers’ long-term needs by enhancing our ability to attract, retain and develop top talent.”

Mr. Sikes said the company believes it is beneficial for its protein business to be headquartered in the center of the United States.

Cargill recently acquired a beef plant in Columbia, S.C.; opened a nearly $50 million distribution center at its Dodge City, Kas., beef processing plant; is investing $111 million in a plant conversion for cooked meat products at Columbus, Neb.; and dedicated a $27 million egg processing expansion in Lake Odessa, Mich.

“Together with our new headquarters in Wichita, these are examples of our long-term commitment to grow our protein business,” Mr. Sikes said.