KANSAS CITY — The recall of ingredients and products manufactured by Sunland, Inc., Portales, N.M., was the most viewed series of stories published on FoodBusinessNews.net during 2012. Following close behind was the union strike and subsequent liquidation of Hostess Brands, Inc., Irving, Texas.

For the food and beverage industry the Sunland recall has been an educational experience on a variety of levels. From a manufacturing perspective, the Sunland recall challenged those companies that may have incorporated ingredients manufactured by Sunland, Inc. into their products to trace those items and ensure they did not reach the marketplace.

From a regulatory perspective, the Sunland recall gave industry executives an idea of how the Food and Drug Administration will wield the new legal authorities granted to it under the Food Safety Modernization Act. The suspension of Sunland’s facility registration and its subsequent restoration highlight how the F.D.A. will exercise its mandate to ensure public health is protected.

The saga of Hostess Brands’ second bankruptcy and subsequent liquidation is still playing out, but the drama that surrounded the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union’s response to the company’s demands, and the shut down and liquidation of the company captured the industry’s attention for several weeks. In 2013 it is clear the landscape of the snack cake and bread categories will be dramatically altered as new owners look to capitalize on the strength of several iconic Hostess brands.

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