Frutafit OAI has been shown to add fiber and reduce calories.

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — Sensus now offers organic inulin sourced from agave. Marketed under the company’s Frutafit line, Frutafit OAI meets U.S. Department of Agriculture organic standards.

The new ingredient gives manufacturers of organic products a way to increase dietary fiber without adversely affecting taste or texture, according to Lawrenceville-based Sensus America, Inc. Frutafit OAI has been shown to improve texture and reduce calories in many applications, and it may function as sugar or fat replacement in certain applications. Clinical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Frutafit OAI as a prebiotic fiber, allowing the potential for claims related to digestive health.

Sensus also supplies chicory root fiber under the Frutafit and Frutalose brand names.