Aldi Nevery Any! meat
The Nevery Any! line of meat products contains no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, or animal byproducts.

BATAVIA, ILL. — Aldi is launching a line of meat products with no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, or animal byproducts. The Never Any! collection includes chicken breasts, hickory bacon, whole chicken, chicken breast tenderloins and Italian or spinach feta chicken sausage. Additionally, the discount grocery chain is testing Never Any! breakfast chicken sausage and chipotle or tomato basil chicken sausage in select locations.

The launch of Never Any! follows the company’s recent decision to remove added MSG, partially hydrogenated oils and certified synthetic coloring from Aldi’s exclusive food products. Additionally, the company has expanded its selection of fresh and organic meat and produce, broadened its assortment of products that are free of more than 125 artificial ingredients, and began highlighting nutritional facts on the front of exclusive brand food packages. Aldi also this year overhauled its checkout lanes to include better-for-you snacks, such as single-serve nuts, dried fruits and granola bars, rather than candies and chocolates.

Jason Hart, Aldi
Jason Hart, c.e.o. of Aldi
“We believe every shopper should have access to food they feel good about serving their family,” said Jason Hart, chief executive officer of Aldi. “That’s why we’re dedicated to providing high quality groceries at affordable prices — making healthy living simple for more than 32 million customers who shop our stores each month.”