Drinkable protein
Bone broth is becoming a popular health and wellness beverage.

Bone broth as beverage

Beverage is a convenient form for protein delivery, with bone broth emerging as a unique beverage type. This includes in ready-to-drink formats for consumption at room or warm temperature.

“Bone broths are naturally rich in collagen proteins, which support gut and joint health,” said Stephanie Lynch, vice-president of sales, marketing and technology, International Dehydrated Foods Inc., Springfield, Mo. “Bone broth supports several trends, including consumer desire for more protein, health, clean label and savory flavors. It also fills a void for consumers seeking out alternative beverages to replace sugary or artificially sweetened beverages.”

Ingredient options include chicken broth protein powders and chicken protein isolate powder. Derived from chicken, as the name suggests, these ingredients vary in collagen content, with both being a source of essential amino acids. They are available with flavor enhancements, such as roasted and savory.