KANSAS CITY — Better-for-you versions of sought-after snacks and beloved beverages are surging in new product launches as consumers look to cut calories and avoid artificial ingredients.

Challenging chips with a healthier choice, Made in Nature is offering Toasted Coconut Chips and Kale Chips as part of its Organic Supersnacks line. The company’s Toasted Coconut Chips contain no refined sugars and are available in five flavors: Maple Vanilla, Italian Espresso, Toasted Cinnamon, Ginger Chai and Spiced Cocoa. The Kale Chips are dried, never fried, and come in five varieties: Bedda Than Chedda, Sriracha Chili, Olive and Sea Salt, Rosemary Truffle and Stumptown, which features bell pepper, garlic, onions and cayenne.

Doug Brent, Made in Nature
Doug Brent, c.e.o. of Made In Nature

“We are a snacking nation,” said Doug Brent, chief executive officer of Made In Nature. “Over half of all U.S. consumers snack more than three times a day to stay nourished. Our mission is to satisfy that hunger with delicious, ready-to-eat snacks made from real fruit and real vegetables without compromising flavor or fun. We’re taking on chips and bars and all those other so-called ‘better for you’ snacks that are merely masquerading as nourishment. Our Supersnacks don’t just fill you up, they fuel you up.”

Entering the energy drink market with a zero-calorie contender, Zevia is launching its Zevia Energy line. The beverages offer 120 mg of caffeine per 12-oz can and are available in mango ginger, raspberry lime and grapefruit flavors.

Paddy Spence, Zevia
Paddy Spence,c.e.o. of Zevia

“We all love the boost we get from caffeine, but current energy drinks on the market are loaded with either sugar or artificial sweeteners, as well as a bunch of exotic supplements,” said Paddy Spence, chief executive officer of Zevia. “We created a line with zero calories, 120 mg of caffeine from coffee extract, sweetened with stevia, and no additional supplementation. It’s a better-for-you option in a category that has not been known for healthy ingredients.”

Sparring in the salty snack segment, Good Health is introducing Veggie Pretzels, thick baked pretzel sticks made with a blend of vegetables and vitamins equal to 2.5 cups of broccoli, 1 beet, 5 tomatoes, 7 cups of spinach and 2 carrots.

Mary Schulman, Good Health
Mary Schulman, vice-president of strategy at Good Health

“Helping families make truly good decisions when it comes to snacking without feeling like they’re sacrificing taste is at the core of everything we do at Good Health,” said Mary Schulman, vice-president of strategy at Good Health.

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