YONKERS, N.Y. — American Sugar Refining, Inc., the world’s largest supplier of refined sugar, has unveiled a new corporate brand name: ASR Group. The company, which is owned by Florida Crystals Corp. and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, said the move is designed to “jointly identify the group of related companies and portfolio of brands.”

ASR Group’s regional brands include: Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar in the United States, Redpath in Canada, Tate & Lyle and Lyle’s in the United Kingdom, Sidul and Sores in Portugal. ASR Group also includes raw and refined sugar operations in Mexico and Belize.

“Our company initially began with U.S.-based refineries, but our strategic acquisitions over the past 10 years have elevated us to where we stand today: A global company with business activities spanning more than 40 countries worldwide,” said Luis Fernandez, co-president of ASR Group. “Our branded and private label sugars, sweeteners and syrups are sold in grocery, food service and industrial channels in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. As a result of this expansion and the acquisition of leading brands in various markets and sectors, we have concluded that a single, unified identity would better communicate the combined strength and scale of ASR Group to our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and the communities where we operate.”

ASR Group said the new brand name will not affect business relationships and activities already in place, and the introduction of the new name will begin with the ASR Group logo appearing alongside the company’s logos on its packaging, marketing materials and business documents.

“Although we are introducing a new global corporate identity, our unwavering belief in our regional brands and logos remains unchanged, and they will continue to dominate our consumer packaging and marketing efforts,” said Antonio L. Contreras, co-president of ASR Group. “At the same time, the presence of the ASR Group logo is a clear signal that our brands are individual building blocks that together form a powerful whole. We look forward to presenting the ASR Group identity to the world. It is evidence of our continued commitment to our business.”

ASR Group is the world’s largest cane sugar refining company, with an annual production capacity of more than 6 million tons of sugar. The company produces a full line of consumer, industrial, food service and specialty sweetener products. In North America, ASR Group owns and operates six sugar refineries in Yonkers; Crockett, Calif.; Baltimore; Chalmette, La.; Toronto; and Veracruz, Mexico. The company also owns specialty sweetener production facilities and a strategic warehousing and distribution system that combine to provide seamless production and delivery of its products to customers across the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the European Union, ASR Group owns and operates sugar refineries in London and Lisbon, Portugal.