Duncan Hines Perfect Size cheesecake, key lime pie, chocolate dream pie, Pinnacle Foods
Pinnacle Foods won an award for its Duncan Hines Perfect Size baking mix line.

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.V. — The Grocery Manufacturers Association honored McCormick & Co. and Pinnacle Foods with innovation awards at the G.M.A. Leadership Forum held July 28-31 in White Sulphur Springs. Recipients of the C.P.G. Awards for Innovation and Creativity are selected each year by the G.M.A. Advisory Council, which evaluates products based on creativity and willingness to take risks, measurable results and impact on the industry.

Pamela G. Bailey, G.M.A.
Pamela G. Bailey, president and c.e.o. of the G.M.A. 

“Our members are constantly building their brands and executing on new and inspiring ways of connecting to consumers each and every day,” said Pamela G. Bailey, president and chief executive officer of the G.M.A. “The successes of both McCormick and Pinnacle are prime examples of how thinking outside the box can spark change across a brand and across the industry.”

Pinnacle Foods, Parsippany, N.J., won an award for its Duncan Hines Perfect Size baking mix line, which debuted last year as a complete solution for smaller households. The products feature mix, a cake pan and icing to create a cake to serve two to four people. Based on the platform’s success, Pinnacle Foods is expanding Perfect Size this year with the addition of cheesecake, chocolate crème pie and key lime pie.

Mark Schiller, Pinnacle Foods
Mark Schiller, president of the North America Retail business unit of Pinnacle Foods

“Using analytics and qualitative consumer research, we were able to identify key insights around changes taking place in the demographics of U.S. households and form a hands-on, entrepreneurial team to more deeply understand the consumer need, develop the concept into a platform and then bring-to-market a line of products for our customers and consumers,” said Mark Schiller, president of the North America Retail business unit of Pinnacle Foods. “The feedback we have received around Duncan Hines Perfect Size has been tremendous, and the results from both our retail partners as well as consumers have really highlighted our ability to bring new and innovative concepts into a historically price-driven category.”

McCormick herb grinders
McCormick and Co. was recognized for its McCormick Herb Grinders.

McCormick and Co., Sparks, Md., was recognized for its McCormick Herb Grinders, which were developed to deliver fresher flavor and aroma of fresh herbs in a convenient format previously not seen in the marketplace. The product launch has helped McCormick increase its market share and compete against fresh spices as a result of the product’s longer shelf life. McCormick Herb Grinders are slated to roll out in additional regions, including Canada and France.

Brendan Foley, McCormick
Brendan Foley, president of Global Consumer Business & North America for McCormick
“At McCormick, innovation continues to be a major growth driver for our brands and we are thrilled with the launch of our new Herb Grinders product line,” said Brendan Foley, president, Global Consumer Business & North America. “This new range represents breakthrough innovation for us and is a significant opportunity to capture consumers that currently purchase packaged fresh herbs. In fact, our research shows that consumers will use herb grinders every three days so we’re anticipating strong repurchase here in the U.S. This innovation captures a previously unmet consumer need by providing fresher flavor and aroma, versatility from prep to plate, and a multi-sensorial experience.”