Cain offers clean label self-rising crust base

Cain Food Industries, Inc. is offering a clean label alternative to self-rising frozen pizza crusts with its new self-rising 
crust base PizzaRise. The product provides dough conditioning, mix reduction, oxidation and leavening to produce doughs with extensibility and tolerance to varying formulations and changing raw materials, according to the Dallas-based company. PizzaRise is formulated for a variety of frozen pizzas and flatbreads, including white, whole wheat 
and multigrain varieties.

Oat fiber added to Solvaira Specialties’ portfolio

FI-1 Oat Fibre is now available from Solvaira Specialties.

“Successful supply of oat fiber will complement the strategic supply of soy, cellulose and other fibers for the markets we currently serve,” said Jit Ang, executive vice-president of the North Tonawanda, N.Y.-based company. “Oat is positively linked to healthy living, and our addition of this new line of oat fibers demonstrates Solvaira’s commitment to the needs of the food industry.”

Production and supply of FI-1 Oat Fibre leverage the technical and operational capabilities of a Cumberland, Md., plant that already produces dietary fibers for food, nutrition and specialty market demands.

“Solvaira’s diverse new line of oat fibers has excellent functionality in a variety of food systems, including meat and bakery applications,” said Keith Petrofsky, vice-president of technology. “We are excited to offer these excellent clean label ingredient options to our customers.”

Four new vinegars added to Mizkan line of products

Mizkan America Food Ingredients Division is adding four new vinegars to its portfolio: organic red wine vinegar, organic white wine vinegar, organic balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar without caramel coloring. The Mount Prospect, Ill.-based company offers the new varieties in 55-gallon drums that have a two-year shelf life at room temperature.

The organic red wine vinegar, a 60 grain (6%) vinegar, is a blend of the fermented juices of organic Sangiovese and Lambrusco grapes along with other organic grapes. It offers a ruby red color and red wine notes.

The organic white wine vinegar, a 60 grain (6%) vinegar, is a blend of the fermented juices of organic Trebbiano and Chardonnay grapes along with other organic grapes. It offers a golden white color and clean white wine notes.

The organic balsamic vinegar, a 60 grain (6%) vinegar, is a blend of the fermented, heated and caramelized juices of organic Trebbiano, Lambrusco and other organic grapes. It is matured in oak or chestnut casks for a minimum of two months, according to the company, and it offers a dark brown color, sweet and sour flavors and woody aroma notes.

The balsamic vinegar without caramel coloring features a blend of non-organic Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes that have been fermented, heated and caramelized. It shares the traditional characteristics of balsamic vinegar, excluding the caramel coloring.

“We want to offer manufacturers more options for organic product development, and the new organic offerings are a great complement to our existing vinegar products,” said Dave Sackett, executive director of sales and marketing for Mizkan. “Our balsamic vinegar products continue to be in high demand, and we created the vinegar without caramel coloring to meet the needs of manufacturers that want to feature clean labels.”

Ardent Mills opens innovation center

Ardent Mills has completed construction of a new innovation center at the company’s headquarters in Denver. Featuring a lab-size flour mill, 
a wheat quality and baking laboratory, a culinary test kitchen and chef’s demonstration area, the center is the only one of its kind in North America, Ardent Mills said.

Scaled down milling equipment will mill flour from a variety of hard and soft wheats, and technologists in an analytical laboratory will conduct wet chemistry and dough rheology tests the company said help “the product development cycle run smarter and more efficiently.”

Products from both enriched and whole grain flour will be baked in the bake lab while a research and development applications lab will allow Ardent Mills’ professionals to work side by side with customers in commercial product development. The culinary center will help create new ingredient applications targeting across sectors of grain-based foods makers.

Healthy Food Ingredients to acquire flax company

Healthy Food Ingredients, L.L.C. has agreed to acquire Heartland Flax, a manufacturer of flax and flax oil, and based in Valley City, N.D. The transaction, expected to close this fall, will add to H.F.I.’s portfolio of non-G.M.O., organic and gluten-free ingredients, including pulses, grains, seeds, soybeans, expeller oils and Suntava purple corn.

Heartland Flax has a 5-log micro-reduction process in a gluten-free Global Food Safety Initiative (G.F.S.I.) facility. The company has capabilities for ancient grain processing, retail packaging and availability of climate-controlled warehouse facilities. Heartland Flax works with North Dakota State University and the Northern Crops Institute, both based in Fargo.

“This acquisition perfectly aligns with our strategic plan to grow H.F.I. through selective brand additions and new, innovative healthy ingredients to feed consumer demand for health and wellness,” said Brad Hover, chief executive officer of Fargo-based H.F.I. “We’re excited to form additional strategic partnerships with farmers and food manufacturers, from seed to the food products that nourish lives.”

H.F.I.’s family of companies includes SK Food International, Hesco/Dakota Organic Products and Suntava.

Edlong Dairy Technologies launches line of simple dairy ingredients

Edlong Dairy Technologies, Elk Grove Village, Ill., is launching its new Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients in response to consumer demand for “simple labels, authentic profiles and premium foods,” the company said. The concentrated dairy ingredients intensify cheese or butter notes, Edlong said. The ingredients may be listed as their source ingredients on product labels.

Initial Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients profiles include butters, cheddars, Italian styles and butter cream profiles, and additional profiles are in development.

“We talk to our customers every day about using dairy flavors as part of their product development tool kit,” said Laura Parker, director 
of marketing for Edlong. “Edlong Simply Dairy ingredients give them another option and expand their ability to create products consumers crave.”

Silverson debuts new lab mixer

Silverson Machines, Inc., based in East Longmeadow, Mass., is introducing its newest lab mixer model: The Silverson L5M-A lab mixer. 

The Silverson L5M-A lab mixer offers a range of applications, including mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving, according to the company. Formulators may select from among 40 different interchangeable mixing assemblies available for the L5M-A. 

Additionally, the mixer features touch-pad control with digital tachometer, programmable integral timer and amperage display.