Algae products at Expo East

Algae evolution

Product manufacturers are discovering new and novel applications for algae, a sustainable superfood now found in a range of formats, from coffee creamers to salad dressings.

“It’s kind of like algae 2.0,” Ms. Mast said. “Algae is not just being used for thickening and smoothies anymore, but we’re finding innovative ways that companies are incorporating algae into their product.”

An example at Expo East is a line of allergy-friendly baking mixes from Enjoy Life Foods, Chicago.

“It allows the brand to add a protein claim without having nuts or any other major food allergen,” Ms. Mast said.

Follow Your Heart, Chatsworth, Calif., earlier this year introduced VeganEgg, a plant-based egg replacer made with whole algal flour and whole algal protein.

K'UL chocolate bar

Another exhibitor, K’UL Foods L.L.C., Minneapolis, includes algae protein in a 70% dark chocolate superfood bar, featuring pumpkin seeds, cranberries and guarana. The bar is vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soy and bioengineered ingredients.