Beverage trends 2017
Craft processing, sustainable packaging and simple formulations are on tap this year.

CHICAGO — It’s the real thing.” “Taste that beats the others cold.” “It’s that refreshing.” “The fresh up family drink.” “Made from the best stuff on earth.”

There was a time when such slogans alone sold soft drinks. Today the consumer wants to know more. What makes it real? What did you add or do to make it taste so good? How does it refresh? Is it safe for my family? What makes your stuff better than the competition? Is it healthy?

Linda Gilbert
 Linda Gilbert, c.e.o. of EcoFocus Worldwide

“A majority of grocery shoppers have identified a product’s fresh, clean and sustainable benefits among their top purchase priorities when it comes to healthier choices,” said Linda Gilbert, chief executive officer, EcoFocus Worldwide L.L.C., Manheim, Pa., and author of a recent study examining trends affecting the food and beverage industries. “The message is clear. If you are a brand aiming to attract consumers to your healthy beverages, be sure your packaging and processing line up with your ingredient list. And be sure to tell your fresh and clean story effectively on your packaging.

“The definition of what makes foods and beverages healthier is becoming increasingly complex. Clean ingredients have moved from a trend to the norm for many categories and brands. Creating products that are fresh and eco-friendly is the new go-to as these attributes will become increasingly crucial contributors to consumer’s measurement of ‘healthy’ in 2017.”