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The emergence of nutrition systems that leverage biometric data to provide personalized advice are growing.

Personalized health and wellness

Ms. Morrison noted that the emergence of nutrition systems that leverage biometric data to provide personalized advice are growing.

“As you’ve heard me discuss before, the food industry is being transformed by the fusion of food, well-being and technology, and it will have a profound impact on consumers’ food choices,” she said. “We’ve all read about the age of personalized medicine. Now, the age of personalized nutrition is upon us.

“This evolution of eating is being led by many developments, including, understanding our bodies at a cellular level, the creation of affordable and accessible biometric testing and monitoring tools and expanded options for curated food preparation and delivery. The next frontier in nutrition will be about re-configuring diets according to an individual’s specific physiology, lifestyle and health goals.”

Campbell Soup Habit nutrition
Habit is a start-up venture Campbell Soup invested in this past year.

As an example of where the personalized nutrition trend may be headed, Ms. Morrison referenced her personal experience with Habit, a start-up venture the company invested in this past year. The Habit “system” includes an at-home test kit that is sent to a certified lab and, after the tests have been conducted and analyzed, the data is used to create a personalized diet. As part of the program a nutrition coach helps consumers define their goals and users may order meals designed specifically for their needs.

“Do you think that sounds too far off?” she asked. “Well, there was a time when no one heard of personal trainers or personal shoppers. But they are routine parts of many people’s lives today.”

She added that she has gone through the program and in addition to her numbers improving, she also lost 18 lbs.

“The Habit team is five weeks into their launch and there is already a waiting list,” Ms. Morrison said. “The service is currently being tested in the Greater San Francisco area. We’ll be using this regional launch to test, learn and optimize the service for scale with an eye on urban centers. It’s very early days and multiple business models can emerge.”