TerraVia AlgaVia
TerraVia offers an AlgaVia whole algae ingredient that is about 65% protein.

More protein sources

Algae, soy, wheat and eggs are other possible protein sources for baked foods.

TerraVia, South San Francisco, offers an AlgaVia whole algae ingredient that is about 65% protein. It is non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. and gluten-free. TerraVia and VMG Partners, a private equity fund, in April 2016 launched a new venture that seeks to incorporate algae into existing food and beverage products by first investing in or acquiring manufacturers of those products.

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers Supro isolated soy proteins and soy protein nuggets. The isolated soy proteins provide a sustainable, plant-based economic protein source. The nuggets are 60% to 90% protein and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They provide protein fortification when a crunchy texture is desired.

ADM expanded its soy protein portfolio last year by purchasing a controlling stake in Harvest Innovations, which makes expeller-pressed soy proteins, oils and gluten-free ingredients. Soy products from Harvest Innovations, Indianola, Iowa, include non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. soy chips, expeller-pressed soy flour and organic soy crisps.

Soy protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids at the levels required, said Tasha Hermes, senior scientist for Cargill.

“Soy protein does bring different functionality, particularly water-holding capacity, as compared to a wheat flour,” Ms. Donohue-Hansen said. “As a result, the balance of other ingredients must be carefully managed so as not to adversely affect texture, flavor or shelf life.”

MGP Ingredients, Atchison, Kas., produces four Arise wheat protein isolates. Protein accounts for 90% protein minimum (dry basis) in three of them: Arise 5000, Arise 5500 and Arise 8000. The fourth one, Arise 6000, contains 85% protein minimum (dry basis).

“The balance of elasticity and extensibility properties of Arise wheat protein isolates is unique compared to other proteins derived from soy, pulses, whey or egg that do not possess the aforementioned properties,” said Ody Maningat, Ph.D., vice-president of R.&D. and chief science officer for MGP Ingredients.

Eggs provide many essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce and must be obtained through the diet, according to the American Egg Board, Chicago. Egg white proteins help trap extra water and lend strength to the baking structure. When formulations use whole eggs, the yolk’s lecithin helps to hold water and extend shelf life. The proteins conalbumin, globulins, ovalbumin and ovomucin in egg whites help to create large food foams.