Mushroom mania

Companies are championing the functionality of fungus in new food and beverage products.

“We’ve seen mushrooms grow in popularity, particularly in the supplement category for the many functional and nutritional benefits they provide, but now we see them move into the food category and be part of these new inherently functional, very clean and organic foods and beverages,” Ms. Mast said.

New organic granola bars from Purely Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo., feature mushroom powder blends and tout such benefits as immunity support, mental clarity and shiny hair, skin and nails.



From Foods Alive, Angola, Ind., comes Coconut Curry Power Crackers and Lemon Chia Crunch Power Snackers, both featuring reishi mushrooms.



In beverages, mushrooms bubble up in a new line of Mushroom Wellness Teas from Choice Organic Teas, Seattle, featuring such varieties as Reishi Matcha, Shiitake Mate and Shiitake Turmeric. Four Sigmatic Foods, West Hollywood, Calif., offers a range of mushroom coffee and hot cacao mixes featuring cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane and reishi.