Protein for dessert

Nutrition meets indulgence in new high-protein products positioned as decadent treats. ProYo, Santa Barbara, Calif., is launching low-fat ice cream with 10 grams of protein and 120 calories per serving in such flavors as mint chip, mocha, dark chocolate toffee and more.



From Munk Pack, Greenwich, Conn., comes a new line of gluten-free cookies with 18 grams of plant-based protein and no soy, dairy or eggs. Varieties include oatmeal raisin spice, double dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate chip and coconut white chocolate macadamia.

Another exhibitor, Buff Bake, Costa Mesa, Calif., recently debuted a line of cookies made with 16 grams of whey protein in such flavors as birthday cake, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip peanut butter, frosted oatmeal raising and white chocolate peanut butter.



Coming soon from FlapJacked, Westminster, Colo., is a line of high-protein, gluten-free cookie mixes with 10 grams of protein per two cookies. Made with a combination of whey and pea protein, flavors include chocolate chip, double chocolate and oatmeal.

“Protein is perfect for indulgent products because it’s so filling,” said Ben Bacon, director of marketing for FlapJacked. “For example, our kids love the taste of the FlapJacked cookies, but they can’t ever eat more than two because their tummies get full. It’s a built-in mechanism against overindulgence.”