Probiotics prevail

Peanut butter, popcorn and lollipops are among dozens of new products fortified with probiotics on display at Expo West. Ganeden, a Cleveland-based developer of probiotic ingredients, partnered with top companies to debut more than 125 items infused with its patented GanedenBC30 probiotic at the show.

“We’re seeing no slowdown for probiotics,” Ms. Mast said. “You’ll see more and more probiotic products, some with probiotics added and some that are naturally probiotic.”

New snacks featuring added probiotics include Vegan Rob’s Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs, Luke’s Organic Probiotic Sprouted Grain and Seed Tortilla Chips and Farmhouse Culture Kraut Krisps. The latter product, from Watsonville, Calif.-based Farmhouse Culture, are crispy, tangy chips made from sauerkraut and corn in such flavor varieties as dill pickle, sea salt, smoked jalapeño, white cheddar and zesty garden veggie.



Another new product featuring probiotics comes from JUS by Julie, Brooklyn, N.Y., which is introducing portable snack packs featuring cashew hummus with live probiotic cultures and gluten-free, multigrain crackers. Available in classic and roasted garlic flavors, the product contains 7 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber per serving.