KANSAS CITY — Jalapeños are heating up menus.

Denny’s is debuting the Honey Jalapeño Bacon Sriracha Burger, featuring a 100% beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, sweet and spicy thick-cut honey jalapeño bacon, jalapeños and a creamy sriracha sauce.

Jalapeños pickled with a citrus marinade hike up the heat in Qdoba’s new Primetime Nachos. The piquant peppers are featured in all three varieties: chicken fajita, spicy chicken and habanero BBQ brisket.

Jalapeños serve as the spicy component in Boston Market’s new Sweet & Spicy Apple Rotisserie Chicken. The chicken features slow-braised apples, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, onions and a hint of roasted jalapeños.

Pie Five’s new Pie-Ferno Pizza is packed with heat, including jalapeños, spicy sriracha marinara, spicy pepperoni, banana peppers and crushed red peppers.

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