Fuchs’ Maghreb Style Boharat Seasoning
Fuchs’  North America's new line includes Maghreb style boharat seasoning.

BALTIMORE — Seasonings manufacturer Fuchs North America is introducing a new line of seasonings, bases and flavors based on flavor trends from the continent of Africa. Seasoning blends included in the African Exploration Collection include berbere BBQ seasoning, Maghreb style boharat seasoning, Mozambique style piri piri sauce base and Senegalese style tamrarind and coconut snack seasoning.

Shannon Cushen, Fuchs North America
Shannon Cushen, director of marketing for Fuchs North America

“As people have been becoming more adventurous eaters, there’s been an increase in demand for authentic ethnic cuisines and flavors inspired by different regions of the world,” said Shannon Cushen, director of marketing for Fuchs North America. As a result, African cuisine and African inspired flavors have been gaining traction both in food service and at retail. Our newest collection delivers on authenticity, but is also highly versatile. Each of the seasonings in this collection has multiple applications.”

Elizabeth Lindemer, corporate chef for the company, said the Sengalese style tamarind and coconut snack seasoning is Fuch’s “go to” seasoning for snacks.

Elizabeth Lindemer, Fuchs North America
Elizabeth Lindemer, corporate chef for Fuchs North America
“We’ve combined Tamarind, a common ingredient in Senegalese cuisine, with coconut for an exciting profile that works wonderfully on snacks, such as chips and nuts, but also can pair with chicken or fish,” she said.