New protein beverages may contain protein sourced from egg whites, egg yolks or chicken.


Animal protein innovations for drink mixes

Rembrandt Foods, Spirit Lake, Iowa, offers a range of egg proteins for shakes mixes. The company is in the process of commercializing a new egg white protein isolate that is more than 92% protein on a dry basis, making it comparable to whey and soy isolate.

“It is made using patent-pending technology that de-flavors the protein and reduces its foaming, gelling and whipping properties, rendering the instantized version ideal for protein beverage mixes,” said Mindi McKibbin, director of research and development. “One 30-gram powdered serving provides 26 grams of protein, which is the equivalent to eating eight egg whites, something very common among athletes and body builders.”

The company also has invested in natural fractionation technology that does not use chemical solvents to develop a new dried egg yolk ingredient. The yolk is the yellow portion of a whole egg. It includes the entire fat content of the egg along with a little less than half of the protein and numerous vitamins, minerals and functional nutrients.

The new yolk-based ingredient is a protein and phospholipid complex that is lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional dried egg yolk. It also contains around double the amount of phosphotidylcholine, which is a bioavailable form of choline.

International Dehydrated Foods Inc. (IDF), Springfield, Mo., developed chicken protein isolate powders using patent-pending technology. These defatted spray-dried protein powders contain no carbohydrates and are made from 100% chicken from poultry raised in the United States.

“Chicken is the most common animal protein consumed globally and often the food source that bodybuilders and serious athletes depend on most for quality protein,” said Stephanie Lynch, vice-president of sales, marketing and technology at IDF. “Our chicken protein isolate powders are a sports-nutrition breakthrough.”

There are standard and organic versions. They both contain more than 80% protein and can be used in protein beverage mixes.

BarnDad Innovative Nutrition, Pittsburgh, uses the protein in its CHXN 100% Chicken Protein Isolate. Sold in 17.7-oz canisters in unflavored, which has a hint of natural chicken flavor, and chocolate almond varieties, one scoop of the powder should be mixed into 6- to 8-oz of water. The resulting beverage contains 100 calories, 2 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein, the equivalent to a 3-oz chicken breast. Each canister contains as much protein as 24.5 servings of chicken breast.