Birthday celebration

Snack makers are capturing the comforts of childhood in new treats with tasty twists on old familiar flavors, from s’mores to soda pop. This year, the classic birthday cake flavor is trending in several new items, including miniature donuts from Flowers Foods, popcorn from Kathy Kaye Foods and gummy candies from Project 7.

Birthday cake flavored marshmallows are debuting from Campfire Marshmallows, a business unit of Doumak, Inc., and as part of the Mellow Fluffs line from Hammond’s Brands. Hammond's also is debuting Birthday Cake Caramel Corn.


From Megaload Chocolate comes new Dippin’ Dots Birthday Cake Bite Size Cookie Dough covered in white fudge. American Licorice Co. is launching Red Vines Twistettes Birthday Cake bite-size licorice twists. New from Concord Confections, Inc., a division of Tootsie Rolls Industries, is Dubble Bubble bubblegum, featuring white, pink and yellow gumballs with confetti sprinkles and the flavors of butter yellow cake and sweet icing.